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Abraham Sakala

"I want to be a lawyer after I finish school. I like English and Social Studies and my favorite sport is football."

Download Abraham's Story (PDF)

Believer Chulu

"I now feel like I can become anything I want to be, with education within my reach..."

Download Believer's Story (PDF)

Benny Moonga

" I want to be a, ah! a president! Oh! Pastor Ah! Ok! Ok! fly a plane!"

Download Benny's Story (PDF)

Blessings Moyo

"I want to be a doctor after I finish school. I like drawing and playing football!"

Download Blessings' Story (PDF)

Burton M. Ngulube

"I am good at math and I want to be a teacher one day."

Download Burton's Story (PDF)

Chris Banda

"Chris is an introverted young man who likes keeping to himself but sometimes gets involved in a bit of play."

Download Chris' Story (PDF)

Daniel Jonda Zulu

"He is hyperactive and most of the time running. Zulu is a very friendly boy who will talk with anyone!"

Download Daniel's Story (PDF)

Elias Chakanyuka

"I want to be a footballer when I finish school. My favorite subjects are math and social studies."

Download Elias' Story (PDF)

Elijah Bechani Sakala

"I want to be a pilot and I love playing footbal and watching T.V."

Download Elijah's Story (PDF)

Emmanuel Chakanyuka

"He is very quiet and calm; A very positive, peaceful, friendly young man."

Download Emmanuel's Story (PDF)

Geoffrey Mwilu

"I had lived on the street most of my life and was a substance abuser. But now I am getting an education."

Download Geoffrey's Story (PDF)

Gift Mucheke

"A very intellectually gifted young man who wants to be a doctor."

Download Gift's Story (PDF)

Gift Nkubitwa

"When Lifenet went for an assessment to Lukata village, it was very apparent that the boy was living in dearth..."

Download Gift's Story (PDF)

Isaac Mulimbika

"A very gifted and motivated young man who wants to become a judge when he finishes school."

Download Isaac's Story (PDF)

Joseph Cheepa

"He is an active member of his Sunday school and was a shepherd in the Christmas play!"

Download Joseph's Story (PDF)

Kebby Chimbo

"Kebby is a positive, optomistic, and brave boy. He loves math and wants to be a lawyer."

Download Kebby's Story (PDF)

Mapalo Daka

"Little is known about Mapalo because he is young and cannot tell us his history. We are not sure of his age or who his parents are."

Download Mapalo's Story (PDF)

Moses Tembo

"Moses is a very friendly, playful and most of the time noisy young boy. He loves playing football and checkers."

Download Moses' Story (PDF)

Nicolas Lusiano

"I want to be a banker after finishing school. I love English and Mathematics."

Download Nicolas' Story (PDF)

Rayford M. Phiri

"Street life is very uncertain. You never know what will happen from one day to the next."

Download Rayford's Story (PDF)

Richard Sakala

"Richard came to us hungry and tired from a life of child labor. He is now enrolled in school."

Download Richard's Story (PDF)

Sillas Phiri

"A very intellegent young man who went from the bottom of his class at school to one of the top three!" .

Download Sillas' Story (PDF)

Stavias Phiri

"Stavias wants to be a pastor when he finishes school. He loves playing checkers, football and tag of war."

Download Stavias' Story (PDF)

Tendai Matongo

"His response to rules and authority is good he shows respect for authority and tries very hard to follow."

Download Tendai's Story (PDF)

Truvent Cheepa

"Truvent is a very determined youngster who wants to attend school and become a lawyer."

Download Truvent's Story (PDF)