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Dental ClinicThousands of applicants are turned away each year due to limited space in our clinic. Those that are accepted make due with outdated, and broken supplies. The clinic has a single sterilizer that is mandatory due to the prevalence HIV/AIDS, TB, and other blood-borne diseases. If our sterilizer fails, the clinic will be shut down.

One single-room clinic serves 30,500 people with many more turned away daily. In addition, surgeries are occasionally performed without costly anesthesia. Faithful technicians are committed to providing quality health care despite the setbacks of broken hydraulic chairs and the frequent back pain they endure. We carry on through the adversity because we believe in the importance of dental hygiene for the people of Zambia and the surrounding African nations.
1. Donate your old dental suites, chairs, laboratory equipment, and supplies.
2. Encourage your Alma Mater to donate used books, research materials, and dental supplies.
3. Provide funding either for specific projects or general needs.
4. Consider a two week working vacation. One week providing service, and one enjoying Africa.
5. Spread the word to your colleagues, friends, and family!

Contact: Dr. Virginia Van Osdel
9201 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 601, Los Angeles, CA 90069-3707
(310) 273-9322,

The school serves five countries. Thousands of qualified students apply, and last year, only 15 were accepted due to the lack of space and resources.

Out of 12 chairs, only one is functional. On the others, the hydrolics and chair-side tools do not work. Technicians can not perform many services.

There is one sterilizer for the entire clinic. Patients must wait while the limited number of tools can be sterilized. If it fails, the clinic will be shut down.

The Laboratory has old, outdated, and non-functioning equipment. This severely impacts the number of patients that can be treated each day.

These are the book shelves in the Library. There are no books. None. And there are no books in Zambia to buy. Students simply go without.

This is the school Library. Two years ago, it was gutted by fire. It still has not been fully repaired or restocked.


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North Hollywood, Ca 91601
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